1. When Life Happens, So Does Faith

"When Life Happens, So Does Faith"

Nobody But God Blog, Ch. I

“This is my third major surgery in the past 70 days. I am in pain, crying as I type this because today’s 2-hour surgery hurts. I’m human so I get tired of being sick and tired yet like many living with chronic health challenges.

However, I instinctively know Jesus never gives us more than we can bear and someone is watching me increase their faith. Nothing we go through is wasted.

My tests and trials are intended to build my faith and provide me and those watching me with a testimony archive. The same God Who has healed me of a major stroke with paralysis, from colon cancer, gynecological cancer, renal cancer, and breast cancer (at the peak of the pandemic) is the same God who will deliver me from these continued cancer-related complications.

I stand on Isaiah 53:5 (1 Peter 2:24) that I am “healed by His stripes!

My 19-year chronic health condition began in June 2004 when I was diagnosed with Stage 4 ColonCancer due to family genetic testing. Since then I have overcome 3 different cancers between 2018-2021 (gynecological, renal, and breast cancer) which meant I underwent a double mastectomy, 9 months of chemotherapy, and 12 months of immunotherapy in 2020–the peak of the Covid-19 epidemic. I was hospitalized and under palliative care expected not to live due to the “cancer tsunami” and became a critical heart disease failure patient which makes me feel extremely fatigued and I have frequent irregular heartbeats. I eat healthy, exercise, and do both western medicine and holistic treatments to fight my mental and physical challenges.

My tests and trials are intended to build my faith and provide me and those watching me with a testimony archive.

I believe mental health is serious. I suffered in silence with severe depression for the entire 6 years of my marriage. I tried to “fast and pray my blues away” and I almost died in my suicide attempt, despite being a minister married to my ex-husband and pastor. I couldn’t share what happened behind closed doors to me with anyone but God. Now, I have Jesus and a therapist (keep your judgment).

Counselors should not be taboo to Christians or in my beloved Black community. I believe self-care includes mind, body, and spirit. I don’t need approval from anyone but Jesus to live in my truth.

As I prayed over my Muslim surgeon’s hands; he said this is my 4th time operating on you and your positive outlook is inspiring considering what you are going through. He said, “you are strong Dr. Pettus.” My nearby surgical nurse said, “you make my problems seem small.” How do you stay positive, ”she asked. I said, “If Jesus brings me to it, I trust Him (Proverbs 3:5) that He will bring me through it.

#How do I thrive, (A) I stay in my lane and focus on my divine assignments; B) I set boundaries and say no to things/people who drain me; (C) I use my gifts, skills, and talents to help others and collaborate with “destiny helpers” (Jeremiah 29:11) to help me accomplish all of God’s plans for me; (D) I honor my mother and senior saints and mentors who pray for me, pour into me, and wish God’s best for me, and keep a tribe less than 5 mighty women and men in God who we mutually help, love and unconditionally support each other in business, ministry, and life.

March 3, 2023

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