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    Get Connected With Dr. Unnia Today

    Stay up to date on her latest engagements, media interviews, podcasts, and book releases.

    Dr. Unnia Pettus

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    Dr. Unnia Pettus

    Keynote SpeakerBest-Selling AuthorOrdained Minister



    Providing a unique, transparent perspective regarding crucial topics affecting today’s society.

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    Providing motivational speaking for any size group sharing inspirational wisdom and expertise on subjects based on her personal experience.

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    Public Relations and Social Media Strategist

    Providing top notch representation to a diverse clientele giving them prime exposure across all medium channels.

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    Survivor and Advocate

    Providing life experience insight and a voice for those who are experiencing and overcoming some of life’s most difficult trials.

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    Dr. Unnia Pettus

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    Walking by Faith with
    Dr. Unnia Pettus

    This faith-based podcast is based upon Hebrews 11:1 shares sermons and nuggets to help Christians.

    Karem McFadden

    Dr. U. Pettus’s services and expertise in highly recommended on all social media, platforms and she is a co-author with famous individuals that she accurately connects with. Check out her Lindeklin read beautiful testimonials. Her expertise in public relations is inviting us who she is and what she has accomplished. Check her out for yourself.

    Karem McFadden

    Tap Into Wellness With Coach Karina

    Jennifer C. Foxworthy

    Rev. Pettus is also a wealth of information as a domestic violence survivor and advocate.  If an event organizer is looking for someone to take their conference to the next level, I highly recommend Rev. Pettus.  She is also a great guest to be interviewed on television, radio, newspaper, and any other media outlet.

    Jennifer C. Foxworthy

    Founder and CEO, Inspirationally Speaking, LLC and Unstoppable You Ministries, Inc.

    Lavonia Perryman

    “Outstanding professional.”

    Lavonia Perryman

    Lavonia Perryman Communications Associates

    Dr. Zina Pierre

    “Dr. Pettus … bar none is one of the best PR experts in the field and particularly in Washington, D.C.  The great work that she did for my ministry placed our annual conference on the map.”

    Dr. Zina Pierre

    Founder of The Breaking Room, Bethel Restoration Church & The Word Network TV Host

    Stephen Tillett

    Consummate professional!

    Stephen Tillett

    Connecting The Dots, LLC

    Candice George

    “Best PR company in the DMV area”

    Candice George

    Imprint Me Fashions

    Client Media

    Dr. Unnia Pettus, Ph.D. provides a “hands-on” approach with her diverse clientele responsible for strategically developing, and implementing multi-media communications plans to use media coverage, social media marketing and advertising to reach  the campaign’s goals.


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    Stay up to date on her latest engagements, interviews, media interviews,  podcast, and new book releases.

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