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The Washington Informer 8.20.15

The Washington Informer,

August 20-26, 2015

News article by Lyndia Grant – it references Oprah Winfrey and OWN TV “Belief” Docuseries I co-chaired with her.

Black Church Weekly 11.12.21
4Sisters LIVE Domestic Violence 11.6.21

Edith P. Washington 2021 Pink Star Honoree Video

Prophetess Deborah Webb 10.19.21
Living Unshackled with Jennifer Foxworthy 10.15.21
Washington Afro-American Newspaper “The ChickenBoxx Show” with Dr. Draper 10.14.21
Roaring Wind Tribute May 2021


Howard University Newsroom 1.31.20


FierceForBlackWomen.com 10.26.20
Client News Rev Stephen Tillett - 1.7.22
Yolanda Sampson: Client News Clip - 5.6.20
Photo with Co-Editor of Ofield Book of Mentor - 5.6.20
Photo with co-editor of Ofield book of mentor.

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Unnia Speaking At Cong Black Caucus - 5.6.20
Rock Creek Baptist Church Client News Clip - 5.6.20
Jennifer Foxworthy Interviews Special Guest Rev. Dr. Unnia L. Pettus on Living Unshackled ON Purpose - 5.6.19

Jennifer Foxworthy is the host of the television show Living Unshackled ON Purpose. Jennifer had the honor of interviewing special guest, Rev. Dr. Unnia L. Pettus. In this episode, Rev. Unnia shares her powerful testimony of overcoming domestic violence.

Rev. Dr. Unnia Pettus Speaks Out Against Domestic Violence - 11.22.18

Howard University professor Rev. Pettus talks about her struggle with domestic violence and how she overcame abuse.

Ms. Deborah's Tea Room #61 - How Do You Make a Connection Online - 3.9.18

Ms. Deborah speaks with Rev. Unnia Pettus about online dating and domestic abuse.

Unnia's News Video Interviews - 6.23.21
Ms. Deborah's Tea Room- Domestic Violence Segment 3 - 9.25.14

Ms. Deborah talks with Rev. Dr. Unnia L. Pettus who shares her personal account of enduring domestic violence from her spouse while they served in ministry as leaders of the church. Also, she shares resources for those in current domestic abuse situations.

Ms. Debroah's Tea Room- Domestic Violence Segment 2 - 9.25.14

Ms. Deborah talks with Rev. Dr. Unnia L. Pettus who shares her personal account of enduring domestic violence from her spouse while they served in ministry as leaders of the church and the psychological and emotional barriers she broke through to help others currently.

Unstoppable You Conference -Baltimore, MD - 8.20.17

Jennifer Foxworthy hosted the Unstoppable You Conference on March 18, 2017 in Baltimore, MD. This event was blessed to have Rev. Unnia L. Pettus, PhD. who gave an extraordinary and empowering presentation titled “BOSS Up, Never Give Up!”

The Mignon Show 4.1.19

Southern Maryland News/The Calvert Recorder 2.24.19


PR Newswire 1.7.19


Newhouse 4.7.16


Washington Post 3.10.16


OWN Presents DC Host Committee Press Release 10.13.15
2015 Global Prayer Guide
Gazette 5.14.09


District Chronicles 10.5.08


CNN Paging Dr. Gupta Blog 1.20.08


Diversity Dimensions: Reaching The Black Church Year-round 2.1.04


Public Now 11.28.17


PR Newswire 2.5.17


The Hill 8.5.17


Kojo Nnandi Show 2.2.17


Rock Creek Baptist Church 1.7.17

Howard University, Cathy Hughes School of Communications Dean's Blog 10.25.16


The Crisis of Domestic Violence and Mass Incarceration Amongst Women of Color and Juvenile Justice Reform